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31 Jul 2015 20:24:23 BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen has earned a spot in the Internet hall of fame already, but he is not yet done with disruptive peer-to-peer technologies. This week Cohen was granted a patent for his BitTorrent-based streaming technology, which may be the start ... 31 Jul 2015 14:15:17 In concert with rightsholders and Internet service providers, Portugal has just introduced a mechanism which enables the streamlined blocking of 'pirate' sites. Set to go into effect during mid-August, the system will target sites with more than 500 allegedly ... 31 Jul 2015 07:10:45 In a Q&A session with users of Slashdot this week, Kim Dotcom advised surprised readers not use Mega amid claims of a hostile takeover. Intrigued, TorrentFreak caught up with both Dotcom and his former colleagues at the cloud storage site. Both had plenty ...
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Torrent file — Torrent file (one that has «.torrent» extention) is a file that contains «fingerprints» or unique coded descriptions of the data. It is used to transmit files of various formats via bittorrent protocol. Torrent file can be opened ...
Health property — The health property shows how efficient your download process will be. It aggregates such parameters as the amount of people with the same content (seeds and peers) and their ratio which is obtained from the tracker
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