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25 Jul 2014 17:56:28 SOPA and PIPA are dead, but the Obama administration is still determined to make illicit movie and streaming a felony. The DOJ argues that change is needed to adequately prosecute unauthorized streaming services. In addition, the administration is requesting ... 25 Jul 2014 13:56:39 A leaked discussion paper has revealed Australian government musings surrounding a potential online piracy crackdown. Among them, changing the law to undermine a landmark 2012 court ruling which protected ISP iiNet from the infringements of its users, and ... 25 Jul 2014 08:26:56 The Expendables 3, featuring every action hero known to man, was set for an August 15 debut but has appeared online in near DVD quality. In just 12 hours, more than 100,000 copies have been downloaded. It's worth bearing in mind, however, that production company ...
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DHT — DHT or Distributed hash tables - are a class of decentralized distributed systems that provide a lookup service similar to a hash table; (key, value) pairs are stored in the DHT, and any participating node can efficiently retrieve the value associated with ...
Tracker — A tracker is a server that tracks connections of all peers. It has the information about a torrent file and people that are downloading/uploading the file (peers).
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